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Application Used in power plants industrial and switching installations, in secondary distribution networks and others. Preferable usage in outdoor application, indoor installation, in open air, underground and in water where mechanical damage is not anticipated.

(N)YM - J/O

Cable for internal installations, possible outdoor installation Application Used as power and control cable in static installations for indoor installations, on, in and under plaster and in the air where mechanical damage is not anticipated. Standards: IEC 60502-1 (N)YM-J/O Color insulation: Single core: Black or yellow/green Double core: Blue and brown or yellow-green and black 3-core: Brown, black, grey or yellow/green, blue, brown 4-core: blue, brown, black, grey or yellow/green, brown, black, grey 5-core: blue, brown, black, grey, black or yellow/green, blue, brown, black, grey Multiple core: black with number mark on cores or black with number mark on cores and yellow/green core in the outer core











M Kabel LTD. was founded not long ago gradually increasing its product range based on more than 20 years experience of its Management team in cable trade field on Bulgarian and European markets.


Current product range:

  • H03VV-F
  •  H05VV-F
  • SVT
  • H07V-U/R/K
  • H05V-U/K
  • (N)YY-J/O
  • (N)YM-J/O
  • NYiFY / PVV-MB1

We are focused on product range expanding fulfilling our customers’ requirements.


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